Sunday, October 23, 2011

It is time to remember "Cincinnatus" as a role model of selfless service.

This is a history lesson that we need to remember now.  At a time when we are looking for role models for service in spiritual ways and in the secular (including service in government), now is the time to remember Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus.  He was called to government service in Rome at a time of crisis--an enemy was knocking on the front gate.  Appointed as a dictator, he did his job in 16 days "saving" his city and country, and then gave up his title and returned to his farm and the plow.  That was "selfless service."

His example was evoked by General George Washington and all the officers of the Continental Army and their French allies.  When they finished their work of "independence" they created the "Society of Cincinnatus" for fellowship and then returned to their own plows in the colonies.  George Washington was offered the "kingship" of the new nation but turned it down.

In the United States, our congressional representatives received full pensions and benefits for life after one year in service.  Many laws passed by congress excludes those who pass the law.  This is not selfless service.  This is not a very good role model.

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