Thursday, January 31, 2013

The 2nd Annual BIG I Conference on Inclusive Theology, Spirituality and Consciousness

by Rev. Tim Miner OUnI

The second annual BIG I Conference for Inclusive Theology, Spirituality and Consciousness takes place in February 1-3, 2013 back at the Scarritt-Bennett Center in Nashville.  It is designed to be a TED-style format to highlight ”the best” in interfaith, interspirituality and integral spirituality ideas and vision.  Dialogue with clergy and lay members of interfaith organizations and communities in a collaborative environment for visioning the future of human spirituality. Speakers list for the BIG I Conference 2013 …

THEME: “Building Community with Spiritual Vision”
Co-hosts: Rabbi Dr. Rami Shapiro OUnI and Rev. Tim Miner OUnI M.Div

Rabbi Dr. Rami Shapiro OUnI
 Author and Professor of World Religions, Middle Tennessee State University
 “Five Questions: Deepening Interfaith Conversation”
Adam Bucko
 Interspiritual Activist and Spiritual Director for NYC Homeless Youth
 “The New Monasticism”
Rev. Dr. Kurt Johnson CMH
 Author of “The Coming Interspiritual Age”
 “The Coming Interspiritual Age”
 Rev. Paul Chaffee
 UCC Clergy and founder and editor of “The Interfaith Observer”
 “The First 120 Years of Interfaith”
Rev.  Dr. Tom Thresher ISN
 UCC Minister and Author of “Reverent Irreverence: Integral Church for the 21st Century”
 “Building Integral Community”
Cindy Wigglesworth
 Integral speaker and coach
 “Spiritual Intelligence”
Paul McKenna
 Interfaith Outreach, Scarboro Missions, Toronto Canada
 “The Golden Rule and Interfaith Dialogue”
Rev JoAnn Barrett
 Chair, Board of Directors, Council of Interfaith Communities of the United States
 “Building Interfaith Communities”
Rev. Dr. Andrea Matthews
 American Institute of Holistic Theology
 “Creating an Interfaith Theology”
Dr. Sonya L. Jones
 Professor of World Religions, U of Kentucky
 “Interfaith Perspective of Divine Energy”
Rev. Frances Bagdasarian OUnI  M.Div. MPS RN
 Chair, OUnI Energy Chaplaincy Committee
 “Energy Work and the New Chaplaincy”
Rev. Kathy S. Gracenin OUnI MFA
 Director, Chalice of the Heart
 “Bodies in Motion: Sacred Dance”
Rev. Jay Speights OUnI
 Director, The New Seminary
 “Interfaith Worship”
Rev. Diane Berke
 Director, One Spirit Interfaith Seminary
"Interfaith: 25 Years of Perspective"
 Rev. Karen Baldwin
 American Ambassador to the Rural Women’s Movement of South Africa
 “A Jouney with the Zulu”
Rev. T.S. Pennington OUnI cmh
 Community of The Mystic Heart
 “Interspirituality and the Five Spheres of Interconnectedness”

The venue is the Scarritt-Bennett Center in Downtown Nashville, Tennessee USA. Official events begin at 3 pm on Friday with the last session ending at noon on Sunday.  Details and the history of this conference are on the website at: