Friday, March 30, 2012

Spirituality: It's All About the Balance

By Rev. Tim Miner OUnI

For the last 18 months I’ve had the chance to learn about “integral spirituality” from the evolving program at an interfaith seminary in NYC.  During that time I’ve had to learn about Integral Spirituality from the start. 

Many have questioned just how “spiritual” integral spirituality really is.  Some have said it was too “heady” to really be accepted by those who look to the heart for the source of their spirituality.  As I’ve read the material I would have to say that there is so much psychology that the spirit is downed out sometimes. 

But there is one thing that does inspire me and that is that the AQAL model has taught me to live a “balanced” life.  The four quadrants of the I, the We, the It and the Its are all the same size and same shape.  It is equally important to living the “integral life.”  That means that integral spirituality is not just about my soul, my psychology, and my spirituality.  It is also about the physical body that houses me.  It is about the community that nurtures me.  It is also about the worldly environment that sustains me.  I have to give each the attention and focus that they desire to live the complete life.

I wonder what you think?

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