Friday, February 18, 2011

A Symbol for All Religious Symbols...

I suppose that the first thing that every "brand" needs is an eye-catching logo.  That includes religious expressions as well.  When "interfaith" came onto the landscape decades ago, the logo usually had several, if not a dozen or more different logos to represent ALL the faiths.  Collections of symbols like that are now used everywhere in the world of "interfaith."  The problem is, no matter how much you try, you always leave somebody out.  Everyone has their own idea about an icon that best represents their faith and belief system--a symbol to rally around.  Organizations sometimes use the "circle" to represent "...and everything else" to  show that they are trying to be inclusive. However, my first exposure to an organization like that gave me grief when I included them in an "...and everyone else" phrase during a religious ceremony.  Everyone wants to feel included as much as everyone else is included which  pretty much invalidates the whole idea of using a "catch-all." 

So what symbol should you use to show ALL the world's religions and spiritual expressions?

The Order of Universal Interfaith (OUnI) created its own symbol to show all expressions as equal.  The design is called the "Touch of the Divine" and it is based on the ripples on a pond....

The gold dot at the center represents the "touch of the divine" in the universe.

The first circle is drawn around the dot and it is silver in color.  It represents the "wave of human spirituality" which went in every direction.

The second circle is drawn around all that and it is bronze in color.  It represents the wave of all the world's organized religions and forms of spiritual expression.  Each a point on a circle.  Each equal in stature.

A horizon-line divides the circles into a top representing "reality" and a bottom "reflection" to represent the mystical.

There is a website devoted to explaining this symbol at

Rev. Tim Miner OUnI
a co-founder of The Order

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